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School of Sufi Teaching retreat in Poland 2017

School of Sufi Teaching invites you

to the Annual International Meditation Retreat
in Kielce, Poland

17 July – 23 July 2017 

(Arrivals and registration on 17 July, Departure on 23 July)

 Where: 17 century monastery „Karczowka in Kielce, currently run by the Pallotine Order. 

Cost of the retreat: 170 £ (payable upon arrival)

 and includes food, accommodation, and some activities organized in the free time. Early booking is advisable as the number of participants is limited. 

How to get there: The nearest airport is in Krakow (120 km). Buses from Krakow to Kielce are frequent. Other option is the Warsaw airport. 

Members of the monastery and some of their guests may also participate in one common meditation with the participants at the retreat. Our retreat schedule will be carried out as usual. 

Contact: saramowicz@gmail.com 

tel: +48 512 460 440