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Who we are

Board of the Rumi Foundaiton of Poland

1. Andrzej Ahmed Saramowicz,  the Founder and the President of Rumi Fundation of Poland, Andrzej ("Andre") has been the founder and manager of the School of Sufi Teaching in Poland for the last 16 years. He is the translator of Turning Toward the Heart in to Polish, author of many publications, and frequent guest of the radio and TV programs.
He is currently a Co-President of the Common Council of Christians and Muslims. 

2. Monika Limbach Saramowicz, the Founder and the Vice President of the Foundation. Monika is a medical doctor, interested in science, psychology of culture and arts. 

 3. Magda Limbach, a Board member. Magda completed the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw She is a painter and graphic designer. http://limbachstudio.pl/

 4. Daria Paulina Domachowska-Gałkowska graduated in Cultural Studies from Wrocław University. Paulina runs with her husband a publishing house called Barbelo. http://www.barbelo.com.pl/

Council of the Rumi Foundation of Poland

1. Bogdan Białek, Chairman of the Council of the Rumi Foundation of Poland. Graduated in psychology at the Jagiellonian University,  Bogdan is the Chief Editor and founder of Charaktery, a monthly magazine on psychology. He is also founder of Jan Karski Society, a Vice President of the Polish Council of Christians and Jews, and a member of the Board of Jesziwa Pardes. Bogdan's  life is well covered in Wikipedia:



2. Tomasz Wyrzykowski, psychologist, group analyst i psychotherapist in the Polish Psychological Society. He graduated also from the Warsaw University Institute of Archeology. An author of publications and scientific investigation in area of psychotherapy, especially the groups and the group dynamics. Tomasz conducts trainings in in psychotherapy and psychopathology in accredited courses in Warsaw. He conducts classes in the Institute of Acheology at the Warsaw University, and in psychology and cultural traditions at Clinical Psychology Department (at Higher School of SOcial Psychology). He was a president (2009-2011) of the Board of the Group Analysis Institute "Rasztow." A representative at European Federation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

3. Jacek Wąsowicz, enterpreneur and the owner of Sufi Cafe in Wrocław.