Polska Fundacja Sufich

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Rumi Foundation of Poland

The statutory goals of the Foundation are as follows:

1.   Developing the knowledge of the Polish public about the spiritual, intellectual and cultural heritage of the World of Islam, especially Sufism. 

2.   Popularizing world masterpieces, especially the works of Jelaluddin Rumi. 

3.   Promoting the Sufi tradition and practices in the sphere of development of human spiritual potential, personality and character which serve a better functioning in the society and family. 

4.   Overcoming stereotypes through propagating a real image of Islam as a religion of peace, tolerance and social justice.

5.   Working on behalf of migrants and Muslim converts in Polish society, and helping them to create their own cultural identity. 

6.   Charitable help to people in difficult life situation.

7.   Carrying out the idea of culture beyond differences, which should enrich cultural, philosophical and artistic activities in other countries, and which is based on the Sufi tradition and  thought, as well as on the historical themes of Polish encounters with the Orient. 

8.   Working on behalf a dialogue, communication, harmony and mutual learning about other  cultures and religions, especially Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

9.   Developing and strengthening the understanding, respect and the attitude of equality in relation to cultural and religious differences, especially among children and teenagers.

10.  Undertaking and initiating activities that aim at developing the health and environment awareness, and the attitudes of engagement in the subject of health care and protection of natural environment, and propagating the idea of deep ecology. 

11.  Supporting the women’s role in developing of the authentic partnership of woman and man and in building happy family and society. 

12.   Building and developing the multicultural, multi-religious and civil society in Poland.

13.   Stimulating and developing public-spirited attitudes though culture, art and education.

14.  Propagating the freedom of religion, social equality, social dialogue, and creating human bonds and reconciliation.

15.   Overcoming all stereotypes, xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, ethnocentrism, social exclusion, prejudices, nihilism and demoralization. 

16.  Promoting and protecting the principle of pluralism in the religious, cultural and ideological sphere. 

17.  Promoting and creating a positive image of Poland abroad.